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About ThaSaint


For more than 28 years, ThaSaint has been honing his craft as a pianist and keyboard
player. He is an award-winning Illustrative artist, writer, composer, and producer who
can create magic from the recess of his mind to the tips of his fingers. Whether it's
audible or, visual he can evoke emotions that make you feel.
For almost a decade, ThaSaint has filled the airwaves with 11 studio albums providing
his brand of music. From contemporary jazz, jazz-soul, adult contemporary Neo-soul,
and R&B. Throughout his career he, has maintained a constant flow of original music
producing and collaborating with other artists. ThaSaint progressively pushes the
boundaries to provide good music and seems to have no intentions of stopping.
ThaSaint also has Imbd credits for scoring seasons of an independent television series
produced by Author/ Film Director Iris Bolling. Impressed with the outcome, he was
invited back as music director for the show's second season. ThaSaint has also provided
sync-license music for other medium promotions.
ThaSaint's first digital release Love Confessions arrived in the winter of 2012. The music
continues to flow.
In the Summer of 2013, he gave you dance grooves with the album Bring Back the
Night with the popular stepping song Riding to Groove and the love ballad Loving So
Deep. At the end of 2013, he released the album Believe with the listener's favorite
Spring 2014 gave us Forbidden Nights, followed by the 2014 Fall release of Tight.
He started 2015 with Tease, after which he doubled your listening pleasure towards
the end of 2015 with Project Love CD.
In January 2017, he released his 8th album (Touch) garnered the hit single Found
Good Love.
His 9th release, All About Love in 2018, has the most alluring melodies of romantic,
soul-stirring jazz to make you fall in love.
His radio popular song One Kiss stayed on Smooth Jazz Global Listening Chart for
more than eight weeks.

ThaSaint's 2019 album Feel the Night was filled with rhythm and melodies to energize
you to groove. With the most played song Sometimes.
For 2020 ThaSaint desired to give listeners something to relax their minds. With his
11th studio album, This Is Us, ThaSaint has produced a blend of smooth jazz, urban
tones fused soul that is soothing for listeners. "This is Us" also features the Come Get
This Love collaboration is up for Grammy consideration.

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